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 We Supply Shower Door Seal and Shower Door Sweep Replacements and 

We provide plumbing information to the "Do it Yourself" plumber along with the products to help you do the job correctly the first time.

Our emphasis is on bathroom showers and anything related to bathrooms.

This site is mainly about taking a dull subject like "shower door seals" and making it somewhat more interesting.

Check out our main site "Trusted E Blogs" for a lot more plumbing information.

Shower Door Seals

For a fraction of the cost of replacing your shower door, you can have your old shower door look like new again, simply by replacing your old worn out shower door seals or shower door sweeps. Remove any scale build up and give it a bit of polish and voilà, your old shower has that new look all over again. Click here to see our wide selection of shower door seals and sweeps.

Shower Door Sweeps

Shower door sweeps are very similar to shower door seals except they generally go on the bottom of the shower door while shower door seals generally go on the sides of the door. Their basic function is the same, to keep the water from escaping the shower. For this reason, you will find both shower door sweeps and shower door seals together in our catalog.  

Shower Hardware

It's important to keep things like shower rollers and handles working properly. Nothing is as aggravating as a shower door that lost one of it rollers or maybe the bearings are worn out. Shower door handles often need replacement and parts like these are often hard to find. Check out our shower door hardware section for the part you need.

How To – Shower Info

Here you will find a variety of "How to" articles and video's all designed to help you maintain your shower, like a pro. We recommend you check out this section, if you are  somewhat unsure of just how to proceed with any repairs to your shower. Keep checking with us for more updates and "how to" articles and videos. Go to our "How To" section now.


Bathrooms and Showers go together - check out our bathroom ideas

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Visit our shower pages for lots of good shower ideas and designs.

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About Us

We are about providing plumbing help to anyone who is brave enough to tackle their own plumbing problems. We offer honest advice and search out related articles and videos to make your life easier. Our expertise in the plumbing and renovation field enables us to identify those genuine articles and videos that have been put together by the people who are recognized as experts in their field. We provide links and comments about articles and videos that may help you to understand and perform your project quickly and easily.

Our own articles are written in an easy to understand fashion so that just about anyone wishing to try their hand at plumbing and bathroom renovations can fully understand and achieve what it is they are trying to do. Along with our "How To" articles and "Videos" we provide links to the products and tools you will need to get the job done right the first time.

The only revenues derived from this site are from advertising and the products links our our readers use to make online purchases. We greatly appreciate and thank you for your support. Your questions and comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

Shower Door Seals

Our aim is to become the number one "Shower Door Seals" and "Shower Door Sweep" resource site. We want to provide you with the most information and resources available today when it come to bathrooms, bathroom showers, shower door seals and shower door sweeps. We have not found many resources that deal with this subject, most site offer drably pictures with very little description and little or no meaningful information.

As you may have guessed there is not a lot of time or effort being devoted to this rather dull subject but we would like to change all that. We started a few years ago with the introduction of our primary site "Trusted E Blogs" which was intended to cover a wider range of diy renovation subjects. As our site grew we have made an attempt to improve the visuals, we also attempted to provide a more meaningful description of the products such as shower door seals and shower door sweeps that we offered on our website.

In the future we plan to focus on improving this site both visually as well as descriptively. We also plan to provide you with some additional DIY resources to make things easier for you.

Bath and Showers

Second only to kitchens; bathrooms and showers make up the second most costly renovations or repair projects in your home today. When it comes to selling your home and recovering your investment, investopedia, an internet site devoted to educating people about investments, reports that you should recover anywhere from 70 to 78% of the investment you make in your bathroom(s).

That's why it's important to make sure your bathrooms renovation encompass some of the latest innovations and design trends. Both for your own comfort and investment recovery your bathroom and shower should be given special attention. My experience in the fashion and plumbing industry has shown me that a lot of people today now want more luxurious bathrooms and showers.

No longer is the simple single shower head acceptable, people are installing all in one shower spa units with multiple shower heads that can easily be adjusted to the owner own preferences. Dual and triple function showers, whirlpool bath and air jetted tubs as buyers are discovering are now the norm in many new homes being built today.



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